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Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Central

Attorney Marie Elsa Masson is a practicing attorney specializing in workers’ compensation cases for more than 16 years. She has experience in all aspects of civil litigation related to injured workers, including mediation, trials, and appeals. She provides legal strategies in an aggressive and timely manner and has a track record of putting alternative dispute resolution to effective use. Attorney Masson can provide skilled legal services, whether you are an injured worker, employer, or insurance company in a worker’s compensation case. Her commitment is to ensure that each client gets excellent results in their workers’ comp case.

Injured workers are recognized by Masson as whole individuals who deserve respect and dignified treatment. All too frequently, insurance companies and doctors fail to recognize the value of a person suffering from a work-related injury. Attorney Masson is an injury compensation attorney who will fight for you to get the help you need. She is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and is available to help with workers’ compensation cases throughout Central Florida.

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Assistance Workers’ Compensation Attorney Masson can Provide

Attorney Masson understands that a lot of pain and suffering often goes along with a workplace injury. You can count on assistance from a compassionate, honest injury compensation attorney, with Masson fighting for the compensation you are entitled to. During the legal process Attorney Masson can provide the following:

  • A comprehensive explanation of what you can expect during the legal process.
  • Convenient medical appointments near your home.
  • In all applicable medical specialties, referrals to leading medical doctors.
  • Maximum monetary compensation, pursuant to legal limits.
  • Attorney representation at every court appearance.
  • Access to your attorney throughout every work week.
  • Prompt case status updates.
  • Detailed plan for your case, based on your personal needs.
  • Excellent trial and appellate advocacy.

Industries Served and Types of Work Injury Claims

Attorney Marie E. Masson has workers’ compensation experience in many different industries, including providing representation for Fortune 500 companies and handling work injury cases in construction, retail, telecommunications, hospitality, entertainment, food and beverage, equine sports, and health care industries. The following are types of workers’ comp injuries Masson has experience with:

  • Repetitive stress work injuries from such activities as bending, lifting, and standing.
  • On behalf of the dependents of affected workers, death claims from construction accidents, suicide, and falls.
  • Knee replacements, knee reconstructions, and knee injuries such as ACL and MCL tears.
  • Complex Regional Pain syndromes, including fibromyalgia.
  • Work-related ankle and foot pain.
  • Degenerative joint disease, spinal surgery, low back and neck bulging discs, and other severe spinal injuries.
  • Depression, stress, and anxiety resulting from work-related injuries.
  • Stress from work-related discrimination and/or harassment by management.

Personal Injury and Other Claims

Attorney Masson is fully qualified to handle personal injury cases, with experience and an understanding of the interaction between these types of matters and a related worker’s compensation claim. If you are seeking the assurance of qualified legal representation and maximum compensation in connection with a work injury.