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Labor and Employment Attorney Florida

Workers and employers are protected by complex state and federal employment and labor laws in Florida. Attorney Marie Elsa Masson has vast experience handling and resolving challenging labor and employment issues. For employees and management, including small businesses, she can provide effective help to get desired results in all of the following work-related situations and more:

  • Florida Employee Rights
  • Florida Employment Discrimination
  • Florida Workplace Harassment
  • Florida EEOC Charges
  • Florida Unpaid Wages
  • Florida Wrongful Termination
  • Florida Unemployment
  • Florida Employee Retaliation
  • Florida HIPAA Compliance
  • Florida Non-Compete Agreement
  • Florida Employment Contract

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Employee Rights

Employers and employees have certain rights and obligations in the workplace. With the evolving federal, state, and constitutional laws related to employee rights, it can be important to have the assistance of a qualified labor and employment attorney like Marie Masson. She can help to create workplace procedures tailored to a company’s specific needs, to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and help to promote a positive workplace environment.

Unpaid Wages

Employees are sometimes misclassified as independent contractors or exempt employees and denied the overtime compensation they are entitled to. Attorney Masson provides skilled representation for such workers, to assist in recovery of lost wages. She can assist with final paycheck retention, recordkeeping violations, wage theft, minimum wage violations, underpayment, and much more.


The law provides guidelines which prevent job applicants from losing out on a job opportunity due to discrimination. Employers cannot reject an applicant based solely upon a characteristic that is protected by law, such as race or religion.


Patient referrals are governed by the law, as regards certain health services. Stark Law, which is also referred to as the Federal Physician Self-Referral Law, prevents a doctor from referring patients to facilities where he or she show holds a financial interest. Attorney Masson provides advice for physicians, with regards to specific conditions that pertain to the law and their medical practice.

Public Employee Disputes

Public employees have administrative rights, such as pre-determination hearings, that must be considered before they are disciplined or terminated. Laws related to public employee disputes are applicable to state, federal, and city/municipal employees, including police officers, teachers, and others. Attorney Masson can help such workers fully understand and navigate their options.

EEOC Charges

Anytime an employer has a charge filed against them by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is crucial to take such a charge very seriously. Legal representation is essential, and Attorney Masson can help.

Employment Contracts

One of the responsibilities of an employer is to provide each employee with terms of employment so that an agreement can be entered into between them. Assistance from a qualified labor and employment attorney can help. In addition to basic provisions that may seem obvious, there are many others that could be of benefit.

At-Will Employment

In Florida, employees have “at-will” status, which means their employer has a legal right to terminate them from their position for almost any reason at any time. Employment contracts are supposed to dictate conditions of employment and how a worker may leave or be terminated from his or her position. Attorney Masson can help to ensure that all terms of an employment contract are met at the time of termination.

Proactive Legal Representation for Labor and Employment Issues

Attorney Masson is a labor and employment attorney who is fully bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. She provides helpful advice and proactive, skillful representation for employers and employees, with regards to labor and employment issues. Contact Attorney Marie E. Masson today, an experienced Florida employment lawyer.