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Here are some common questions about Masson Law Firm P.A.

Attorney Marie Elsa Masson is a qualified attorney serving Central Florida and specializing in Worker’s Compensation, Labor and Employment, Social Security Disability, and Wills, Trust, and Estates. See answers to the following 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the legal representation provided by Attorney Masson:


How can an attorney help with workers’ compensation cases?

It is, unfortunately, common for physicians and insurance companies to fail to give appropriate consideration to a worker suffering from an on-the-job injury. Attorney Masson fights for workers, to get the help they need and the outcome they deserve in a workers’ comp case.

Does Attorney Masson represent employers and insurance companies, too?

Yes, Attorney Marie Masson provides representation for injured workers as well as for employers and insurance companies in an injured worker case. Her expertise applies to all parties that may be involved in a workers’ comp case. She has experience in mediations, trials, and appeals as well as a proven reputation in putting alternative dispute resolution to good use.

What types of industries has Attorney Masson served in workers’ compensation cases?

The entertainment, food and beverage, equine sports, retail, construction, hospitality, health care, and telecommunications industries are among those Attorney Masson has experience with, in addition to representing Fortune 500 companies.

What types of workplace injuries has Attorney Masson dealt with?

There are many different injuries Attorney Masson has dealt with in providing legal representation in workers’ comp cases. To name a few, they include: Fibromyalgia, repetitive motion injuries, construction accidents, severe spinal injuries, and catastrophic injuries resulting from workplace accidents.

Is Attorney Mason fully bilingual in Spanish and English?


How long has Attorney Masson been handling labor and employment issues in Central Florida?

Attorney Masson has 16-plus years of legal experience providing representation in labor and employment, employee rights, and all related issues.

What are some of the labor and employment issues an attorney can help with?

Any issue related to labor and employment that may arise in Central Florida can be handled by Attorney Masson, including EEOC charges, employment discrimination, unemployment, HIPAA compliance, employee rights, unpaid wages, and many more.

What is At-Will Employment?

In Florida, employers have a legal right to terminate employees that have “at-will” status at any time for any reason.

Can an attorney help with unpaid wages?

Yes. Sometimes workers are misclassified as exempt employees or independent contractors. As a result, they are denied overtime compensation they are entitled to. Attorney Masson can assist with recovery of lost wages and help with related issues, such as wage theft, final paycheck retention, minimum wage violations, and more.

What are disability benefits?

Disability benefits administered through the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) can be awarded if you are unable to work due to a disabling condition.

My application for disability benefits has been denied. What should I do?

The initial request made for an individual seeking disability benefits is denied virtually 100% of the time. It is essential to stay within appeal timelines, in requesting reconsideration of the request.

How can an attorney help with the process of seeking social security disability?

Attorney Masson helps by offering her knowledge and understanding of the SSA application and appeals process and by developing and effectively presenting medical evidence in support of your claim. Diligence is essential, in order to stay within required timelines and avoid having to start the process over from the beginning, which is costly.

How do I prove I am entitled to disability benefits?

You must demonstrate that you are prevented from maintaining gainful, substantial employment. Experts must corroborate a claim that you are prevented from working for at least 12 months or longer.

What does SSI stand for?

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. It is a disability program based on need, as opposed to previous work history.

What are some benefits of estate planning?

There are numerous benefits to estate planning with the help of Attorney Marie Masson, especially if you have significant assets that need to be protected from potential creditors, if you moved to Florida from another state, if you have families from multiple marriages, if your will is outdated, or if you have a significant amount of wealth.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal entity into which your assets are placed.

How can I avoid a faulty trust?

The Internal Revenue Service has alerted the public that faulty trusts are among the top tax scams in the U.S. You can avoid getting involved in a fraudulent trust by contacting Attorney Masson, who has proven experience and integrity providing legal help with trusts in Central Florida.

How can a trust help my family?

There are numerous ways in which a trust can help to protect your family. Those benefits include avoiding probate, protecting assets from creditors, making sure assets go to family members only, and arranging distribution to heirs on certain timelines, such as when a specified age is reached.

Are wills, trusts, and estate planning best for the wealthy?

Actually, anyone and everyone can benefit from wills, estate planning, and possibly trusts, as well—not just the wealthy. Contact Attorney Marie E. Masson with any questions you may have.

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