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Wills, Trusts, and Estates

A will and estate plan is something that everyone should have, not just the wealthy. In addition, a trust can be a powerful tool that helps to manage personal and financial affairs. Attorney Marie Elsa Masson can assist with trust planning and help to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your desires and not left to the guidance of state law upon your death. With a will and estate planning, you are also better able to protect your wealth and the welfare of your family throughout your life.

Wills and Estate Planning

Attorney Masson can help to draft a personalized estate plan that can accomplish the following and more:


  • Reduce current income taxes
  • Minimize estate tax
  • Allow you to fund gifts to charity on optimal terms
  • Protect your assets from creditors
  • Provide for the individual needs of members of your family
  • Maximize the after-tax value of insurance, investments, and retirement accounts
  • Provide guardianship for minors
  • Allocate personal assets and wealth according to your desires upon your death

When Estate Planning Assistance is Especially Helpful

There are certain circumstances in which estate planning assistance from a qualified attorney is especially beneficial. Throughout Central Florida, Attorney Masson is available to help with estate planning if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • You have significant assets that need to be protected from potential creditors. Professionals can be at risk for liability lawsuits, such as being sued for malpractice or by contractors and others in the business world. With a personalized estate plan, assets can be moved beyond the reach of creditors.
  • You moved to Florida from another state. It’s possible that the laws related to wills, legal documents, and estate planning strategies in the state you moved from conflict with Florida law. In fact, such documents could be invalid in Florida.
  • You have significant wealth. Federal tax laws have been newly enacted, and they require that tax strategies be revised, in order to minimize certain taxes, including estate tax.
  • You have families from multiple marriages. The laws governing allocation of assets to members of more than one family are complex. It is essential that you review your desires with a qualified estate planning lawyer.
  • You have an outdated will. If your personal and family circumstances have changed since you prepared your will, it probably needs to be revised.

Trusts and Trust Planning

Attorney Masson is a fully bilingual Spanish and English-speaking attorney with expertise and experience handling trusts in Florida. A trust is a legal entity into which your assets are placed. With this arrangement, an individual or entity legally holds property for another person’s benefit. The entity or individual holding the property is the trustee. The person for whom the property is held in a trust is the beneficiary.

With Attorney Masson helping you with trust arrangements, they can be tailored to your personal circumstances, including:

  • Avoiding probate
  • Making charitable gifts on favorable tax terms
  • Keeping assets within the family, which can mean preventing them from going to a child’s spouse in a divorce
  • Protecting assets from creditors
  • Protecting funds from irresponsible spending by family members
  • Arranging for beneficial timing of distributions to heirs after your death, such as when they reach a specified age

Beware of Faulty Trusts

Trust abuse is one of the top tax scams highlighted by the Internal Revenue Service. Faulty trusts are costly and create complex legal entanglements. Avoid getting involved in a faulty trust.

For personalized legal services for wills, trusts, and estate planning from a highly qualified lawyer with integrity in Central Florida.